Areas Of Practice



Appellate Practice

The attorneys at Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC practice before the New York State Appellate Divisions, New York Court of Appeals and the Second Circuit. The firm's appellate practice involves the perfection and handling of appeals both in an effort to reverse unfavorable lower court rulings from decisions made on motions and during trials as well as to preserve favorable rulings.

Automobile Liability

Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC handles the defense of suits involving automobile accidents and takes pride in creative solutions to resolving such claims through a variety of ways including mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials and, of course, jury trials.

Construction Defect/Labor Law

The firm undertakes the defense of contractors, sub-contractors, business owners, general contractors, and third-party defendant's employers, handling claims filed under the New York State Labor Law Sections 200, 240, and 241, claims of OSHA violations, regulatory violations, as well as common law violations.

Fire, First-Party & Subrogation

Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC handles the defense of first party claims involving arson, fraud, and misrepresentation in a variety of circumstances. The attorneys handle the investigation of cause and origin, insurance applications, financial condition of the insured, and examinations under oath.

Governmental Liability (Tort Law)

The firm's Governmental Liability Tort defense practice includes a variety of matters from trip and fall cases involving prior written notice statutes, recreational liability involving parks and playgrounds, motor vehicle accidents involving claims of defects in roads and highways, to all manners of civil rights claims including employment discrimination, sexual harassment and excessive force.

Premises Liability

Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC represents developers and building owners in actions involving defective conditions, improper maintenance, slip-and-fall accidents, and any other accident that can occur on a property owner's premise whether the accident takes place in a construction site, building, parking lot or apartment complex.

Product Liability

The attorneys at Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC have extensive experience representing manufacturers and distributors of diverse products including medical devices, complex industrial equipment, playground equipment, sporting goods, and recreational vehicles. Our attorneys are fully familiar with the steps necessary for carriers and their insureds to prepare a proper investigation, assemble experts as necessary, assure containment, and to mount the best defense available.

Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality

The attorneys at Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC routinely represent clients in the Retail, Restaurant and Hospitality industries, focusing not only on the protection of their assets, but also their brands and patrons' good will.  The firm's practice centers on claims of premises and product liability, food adulteration, alcohol liability and tort actions of third parties.

Transportation Negligence (Trucking, Common Carrier, Railroad)

The attorneys at Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC take pride in their vast and extensive experience defending self-insured motor carriers and truck insurers in catastrophic personal injury claims and other matters involving the Transportation Industry, including loss transfers. The firm has a 24 hour Emergency Response Team at the disposal of its clients and will tailor accident reconstruction and assessment plans to any of its clients' specialized needs.